7 Humor Quotes Of Colleen Houck



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You look about as trapped as a piglet at a baby back ribs cookoff.
– Colleen Houck


Colleen Houck best quotes

Whew! You two are blowing hotter air than a tornado circlin’ a volcano in Hades.
– Colleen Houck


Colleen Houck best quotes

A tiger only needs three things to be comfortable. Lots of food, sleep, and…actually, no it’s just those two things.
– Colleen Houck


Colleen Houck humor quotes

Wow Kelsey! Kishan whistled. I’m going to have to beat the other guys of with a stick!
Colleen Houck – Tiger’s Curse


Colleen Houck Tiger's Curse humor quotes

Why does everything so bad for you always taste so dreamy?
Colleen Houck – Tiger’s Curse


Colleen Houck best quotes

Thousands of beautiful women? Yes. Thousands of insects whose only purpose is to lure fish? No.
Colleen Houck – Reawakened


Colleen Houck Tiger's Voyage humor quotes

perhaps you three could continue this conversation when the ship is not under attack? Mr.Kadam said.
Colleen Houck – Tiger’s Voyage

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