8 Popular Humor Quotes Of John Crowley



John Crowley famous humor quotes

I’ll be needing a bridesmaid’,she said.’A tall one. That way, I’ll look more petite and feminine.
John Crowley – The Emperor Of Nihon-Ja


John Crowley best quotes

You’ve always said I should have an inquiring mind, she said. I have. But not an interrupting one.
John Crowley – The Royal Ranger


John Crowley humor quotes

Sometimes I’m so devious I confuse myself.
John Crowley – The Lost Stories


John Crowley The Outcasts quotes

Only if you’re a numbskull.Numbskull yourself! Want me to numb your skull with this shovel?
John Crowley – The Outcasts


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Your dislike for the project will be duly noted, and ignored.
– John Crowley


John Crowley famous humor quotes

It’s a sword, not a fairy wand, you know.
John Crowley – The Outcasts


The Invaders humor quotes

Welcome to Shelter Bay,’ he said to Stig. ‘Is that what it’s called?’ Hal gave him a tired grin. ‘It is now’.
John Crowley – The Invaders


John Crowley best quotes

Then her mother – as skilled in the art of ambush as most mothers are – startled her with her furious, echoing roar.
John Crowley – The Royal Ranger

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